The Progressive Jewish Cultural Fund (PJCF) was established by deed dated 28th December 1995. Clause 2 of the deed sets out the basis on which the fund operates.

2. Purposes and Application of Trust Fund

2.1 The Trustee shall hold the Trust Fund upon the trusts hereinafter expressed and subject to this Deed shall apply the Trust Fund and the income thereof (including any income which may be derived by the Trust as a beneficiary of or which may be allocated to the Trust by the trustees of any other trust or trust fund whether now in existence or hereafter to be established) solely for in or towards the promotion, production, commissioning, presentation, publication, preservation or more of the performing arts, one or more of the visual arts, design, cultural heritage in Australia or in other countries overseas and, exclusively for those purposes to –

2.1.1 conduct seminars, lectures, conferences and educational programmes for the public;

2.1.2 conduct research into all forms of Jewish cultural heritage, design, literature, music, arts and crafts in all forms;

2.1.3 establish scholarships, bursaries and award prizes in respect of the study of Jewish literature, design, music, arts, crafts and cultural heritage;

2.1.4 establish and maintain cultural centres as the Trustee may think desirable to further the aforesaid purposes of the Trust.

2.2 For the purposes of Clause 2.1 of this Deed

2.2.1 no application shall be made of the Trust Fund for any purpose which is not a public cultural purpose; and

2.2.2 the Trust Fund shall only be applied to the bodies or for the purposes set out in subsection 78(4) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, as amended from time to time. Contact Donate Apply for a grant This fund is a public fund and donations to it are tax deductive. The sole purpose of the fund is to actively support Progressive Jewish Culture.